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Santa Claus '16 by R-Tillirey Santa Claus '16 :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 1 0 Drosselmeyer '16 by R-Tillirey Drosselmeyer '16 :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 0 0
Mouse Catcher
‘Well it's about time,’ Mr. Fritz huffed as he walked over to the front door. He had called the Wild Wild Pest company and set up an appointment for earlier that morning, but it was nearly dinner time, and he and his wife Barbara had reservations at a fancy restaurant. He opened the door and was a bit stunned at the look of the exterminator that stood before him.
The buxom woman who stood in front of him couldn't be more than a few years out of college. She had an impressive bust, which seemed to be pushing at the front of her suit, which was probably a size or two too small. ‘Wild Wild Pest control, at your service sir. My name’s Salli, with an I.’ Nice to know, Mr. Fritz thought to himself.
‘Please, come in Salli.’ He let the woman in, and had to admit that she had a wonderfully curved bubble butt. His own wife was so slender, it was worth having a small rodent problem to permit a curvy young woman enter his home to gaze upon for a bit.
:iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 3 0
Lollipop Boy by R-Tillirey Lollipop Boy :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 2 3
Human Yo-Yo
Life can make you seem like a human yo-yo. Some people have you wrapped around their finger, fondling you gently in their hand.
Then they send you away, dropping you. But your still connected to them, so it's not a clean break. You are sent away. But then they can bring you back to them.
On their terms.  
Their reasoning is, if you don't come back to them, you'll get all in knots and not be able to function.
So, your at their pleasure. They can have fun, use you when they want. On their terms.
But in the real world your're not a yo-yo. You go back because you can't quit the game. Their game.
:iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 1 3
Dragon Outline by R-Tillirey Dragon Outline :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 1 0 Drago Eye by R-Tillirey Drago Eye :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 0 0 Dragon Shadow by R-Tillirey Dragon Shadow :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 0 0 The Chameleon by R-Tillirey The Chameleon :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 2 0
Mature content
Red Meat :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 2 0
Leann and Giovanna were sitting on the couch each with a cup of coffee. Laid out on the table were paper brochures and print offs for ideas they could take Shay and her friends to while Rob was away for the week with his father. They both turned as the front door opened and the sounds of an argument were heard.
Jackson was right behind Derek as they entered the house. ‘Is that the kind of man you want your son to see?’ The question pointed straight at Derek as the door shut. Gio and Leann stood up, not wanting Rob and Shay to overhear their father and Jackson yelling at one another.
‘What are you talking about?’ Leann asked. ‘Everything was fine when you two left. What happened between now and then?’ Jackson crossed his arms and motioned toward Derek with an open palm.
‘You tell them. You tell them why you're leaving tonight and not taking Rob to the wrestling convention next week.’ Leann’s eyes widened and she glared at her ex-husb
:iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 0 0
Father's Day
Father’s Day. Two everyday words that are used, but together are a celebration. Each letter sums up what the day is. A muse from an only son of three children.
Fighter. Your father has lived his life everyday, no easy task. And his example was to teach his son how to live.
Attitude. Your father has his own personality, and that was a building block into your own development. When words were not used, your father’s behavior built you up.
Teacher. One half of the first influences you have when entering this world. The cycle is true; you love your teacher, you think your teacher is wrong, you're happy or mad at what they say or do, then one day you sit and think, “I wish I could talk to my teacher in times like these.”
Healer. From scabbed knees to hurt feelings, your father was there to wrap his arms around you, and even though pain may have still be there, that hedge of protection shows everything will be alright.
Exceptional. Your father is unlike any other man
:iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 1 0
Mature content
Fulfilling Fantasies VII :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 1 0
Spanking the Sitter
‘And. Then. You'll. Listen. To. Me!’ Polly’s hand came down with each word as she spanked Pup-Eye on the rear end. His brothers had received spanking punishments already, and Polly was nearly red in the face. She was going to prove a point that the boys had better obey every command, or punishment would ensue. ‘Remember, this hurts me more than this hurts you.’ The very idea made her laugh inside.
They refused to wash the dishes, take out the garbage, or even finish their homework. The truth was the majority of chores was Polly’s responsibility, being the nanny/housekeeper. But she figured since she had run of the house that day, she deserved a day off, and between the four boys, they could have done it in no time. If she had only allowed them to have spinach, it would have been a snap. But she was playing hardball, and it was her way or the highway.
The spinach was kept tightly in the top of her blouse, the big no-no area for any little boy’s
:iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 6 3
In the Cave
I'm standing at the front of the cave. The light is hitting my back.
Your're calling to me. I can hear your voice, I know it's you but I can't see you.
It's been so long, I want to hear all the good things.
'Come in. Come to me.'
Why don't you come towards me, toward the light. I don't see you. I'll come to you.
Your voice is changing. It's becoming, different.
My footsteps are getting smaller, I'm becoming afraid.
'Where are you?'
I am here, I see you, but you don't see me.
You can't see me.
You won't let yourself see me.
And your keeping yourself in shadows.
I have my hand out, you just have to reach out.
'Why won't you save me!?'
I'm here, we're talking. Take my hand.
'He didn't save me, why won't you save me?!'
I want to.
Let me.
Here's what could happen.....
'Your making excuses! Give me what I want!'
I have to pull my hand back.
I start walking backwards.
I hear the low growl.
The Monster has you.
In his claws.
I feel the light against my back.
He can't get me there.
I can't be p
:iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 0 0
Mature content
Twisted Fairy Tales- Goldilocks. :iconr-tillirey:R-Tillirey 0 0


The phantom of the opera by Grampasso The phantom of the opera :icongrampasso:Grampasso 1,766 121 The Sith Code by CptAlbertWesker The Sith Code :iconcptalbertwesker:CptAlbertWesker 130 6
Christmas Giveaway and important updates!
Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate. This is a wonderful time to cherish our friends, families, and loved ones. I know I'm especially thankful for what your support has help me become here. A little over a year ago I started my work for you guys on DA, and some of you have been with me since the start. I love you guys for that, and I love all of you who've found my page along the way and have shown me the same dedication. In spirit of this thankfulness (and Christmas) I'm going to be doing another giveaway like I mentioned at the end of October when I announced my previous winner! 
Before I get into the giveaway details, I'd like to make an announcement that I know quite a few of you are anxious for. Once again, I'm opening writing commissions! I will now be offering both art commissions AND writing commissions again.
Spots will be limited as my available time is still scarce, but I'll have a waiting list for all those w
:iconsylessae:sylessae 7 26
Revenge by JohnathanChong Revenge :iconjohnathanchong:JohnathanChong 2,255 119
Update and a Favor
Hi guys,
Just a small update to let everyone know where I'm at. The usual glut of stressful crap keeps happening, and I need to take a break from it. Yesterday I couldn't even get commission work done because my own ideas were eating a hole out of my head, so I spent most of the day writing those down and dreaming dreams of getting somewhere that seems almost impossible now. I don't even have a proper opening for my story yet and nothing I've tried is sticking. ^^;
Update: If you faved this journal (thank you!) please consider helping me spread it. I don't have a lot of watchers here and have limited exposure. Thanks!
A character also needs some major development because she's relatively new. So, I'd like to ask some favors.
My first favor is this: Prompts. Small things to get my mind going. Do you have a prompt idea you'd like to see me write? Please post it here. I may use existing characters or make new ones depending on the prompt. One word prompts typically do
:iconbloodrose83:bloodrose83 4 12
Shay OC tutorial by sylessae Shay OC tutorial :iconsylessae:sylessae 13 0 Shay OC by sylessae Shay OC :iconsylessae:sylessae 28 10
Giveaway, friends and candy!
Trick or treat followers! Is it time for candy and spooky costumes yet?
It's been a while since I've posted much of anything(though I've been so freakin' busy behind the scenes x.x) and so I thought to stir things up a bit, I'd throw a giveaway!
Who doesn't like free stuff?
My main goal in all of this is, honestly, to make new friends.
I've met a few people here on deviant art, both through work and chatting, but I'd love to meet some new artists with common interests! Add me on skype, send me an email or a note - I would love to chat and make new friends! Anyone is welcome. I've received all of these new followers, I'd truly love to hear from some more of you!
Secondly, of course, the giveaway.
I suppose this is sort of like a raffle, but it is free to join. I have a few rules you'll have to follow, but their simple enough I think. Comment below with responses and to let me know you've entered!
1. Be my watcher!
2. Favorite this
:iconsylessae:sylessae 9 34
The Girls 01 by Stephja The Girls 01 :iconstephja:Stephja 199 17 MJ OC by sylessae MJ OC :iconsylessae:sylessae 26 12 Disney Villains by matthoworth Disney Villains :iconmatthoworth:matthoworth 4,117 237 Drosselmeyer Demotivational by Ni-ni-ni Drosselmeyer Demotivational :iconni-ni-ni:Ni-ni-ni 23 14 The Phantom of the Opera by vampynicole The Phantom of the Opera :iconvampynicole:vampynicole 4,772 341 Disturbed Motivator 1 by Jack-of-all-traits Disturbed Motivator 1 :iconjack-of-all-traits:Jack-of-all-traits 394 83 Disturbed Motivator 2 by Jack-of-all-traits Disturbed Motivator 2 :iconjack-of-all-traits:Jack-of-all-traits 140 23 Asuka Render by Dfreedom30 Asuka Render :icondfreedom30:Dfreedom30 8 0




I hunt. Therefore I am. Harvest the land. Taking a befallen Lamb.
Getting inspiration from the Black Album by Metallica.
During this Christmas season and as we start to begin a new year, when you're being kind and understanding to others, remember to be kind and understanding to yourself. 
I'll be in the Northern Carolina mountains over Labor Day weekend, and since it'll be a solo trip, I'll have time to get in some photography and writing. A change of scenery for a few days should be very inspirational. 


Trey Angel
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A South Carolinaian for whole life, I enjoy performing on stage and bringing others words to life, I want to create my own


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